Solutions and services

Laser cutting and engraving are very flexible and extremely precise processes with almost limitless applications.  The following are a just few examples of laser applications and products.  Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Laser Cutting

Our laser can be used to cut a multitude of materials including plastics, wood, MDF, leather, fabrics, rubber, card and paper with great accuracy.  This example shows 6 mm thick acrylic cut with a highly detailed geometric pattern.

Laser Engraving

In addition to cutting, we can engrave text and images at resolutions up to 1200 dpi and up to 1245 mm x 710 mm in size.  Stunning effects can be produced as shown in this example of maple wood where incredible depth and detail has been acheived.

Our laser can be used to engrave plasics, wood, leather, fabrics, card, paper, ceramics, stone, glass and many other materials.  With our rotary attachment we can even engrave cylindrical objects such as glasses.

Laser Marking

Although not suitable for cutting and engraving metals, they can be marked directly using annealing effects or, by using a high contrast ceramic deposition material like this example on stainless steel plate.  Again, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and our bed size, 1245 mm x 710 mm.

What can we do for you?